Mass Gainer 7kg

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Mass gainer by Procell is an appropriate supplement for athletes and participants who want to supplement their diet with an extra intake of calories and protein to increase muscle mass by increasing strength and endurance.


د.ت 189.00د.ت 199.00 (-5%)


strength and endurance.

For every 100 gr of Procell’s Mass Gainer gives us 15% whey protein, a fast-digestion protein with a high absorption capacity that will provide us with a balanced content of amino acids.

Its combination of 5 different sources of carbohydrates gives us a constant amount of energy so that our performance is the maximum in the training. These carbohydrates produce a sequential and prolonged segregation of insulin, which will improve the anabolic capacity of our body. It also provides a dose of added creatine with the aim of enhancing the development of muscle mass and strength a very short time. In each service we provide 3% creatine.

Mass Gainer by Procell has some incredible flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and biscuit so that in addition to providing our muscles the nutrients needed for their growth we can enjoy a delicious milkshake.

Take 2 doses a day. Add 2 measures of product with the dispenser, pour water or another liquid (approx. 200 ml) and shake.

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